Какая то незнакомка указала мне на знакомого моему, мол он не открывает глаз. Так и было. К чему снится это)

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Some stranger pointed me to an acquaintance of mine, saying he doesn't open his eyes. And so it was. What is this dream about? and got a better answer

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He has sincere feelings for you But for some reason he doesn't want to or can't tell you?

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He has sincere feelings for you. But for some reason he does not want to or cannot say so.

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Man doesn't want to see the obvious things to look at a situation with someone or something with OPEN EYES. Has an erroneous opinion about someone or something.

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It was not him who flew into your brain and stared, but his image came to you in your dream. He was not seeing you at that time, don't fool yourself He could have been dreaming about someone else at that time. You don't read dreams.


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