What the winter will be like in St. Petersburg. Who knows exactly?

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What the winter will be like in St. Petersburg. Who knows exactly? and got a better answer

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As usual

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Peter's, right.

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Type in a search: weather in peter this winter. Don't make us do it ourselves.

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Only nature knows exactly.

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If you do not spi3late or do not mine around the clock, the hydromet will give an accurate forecast promised after buying a new computer for 100500 million. as much as 30 times more accurate, more accurate from niku: Achievement:

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with this question you should address to celestial office Write the application to Petrus, i.e. Apostle Peter his office is responsible for weather with the request to give the exact forecast.

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What will be the winter in St. Petersburg? Peter's winter will be. With frosts of - 35 and thaws of + 5. With heavy snow and no less heavy rain, all in one day! Black and dirty snow on the street. Salt on the sidewalks that makes the soles of our shoes fall off. With the sun in the sky for 4 - 5 hours a day if you're lucky! And no heavy clouds in the sky Amazingly beautiful Peter, both in summer and winter!

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even meteorologists don't know exactly.


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