Moms! How do you put your babies to bed?

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Moms! How do you put your babies to bed? and got a better answer

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Sleep with your baby by your side until he/she is 1-2 years old, periodically by himself/herself, then let him/her sleep by himself/herself always.

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No rituals - put a toy, give a bottle of milk, leave the room, close the door. In 5 minutes, the baby is asleep.

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Depends on the baby health or not and in general no rocking and sleeping together since birth mode from 2 go to sleep themselves the door to the room is open can call for a drink or a blanket to fix but by 21.30 all are asleep.

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We bathed in herbs.

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from birth he sleeps separately in a crib put a pacifier in a crib gave her soon we will soon wean a bear next to a blanket tucked up. whisper something nice in the ear turned on the humidifier and left. in a few minutes - sleeps if he wanted to sleep of course maybe you put him to sleep early or just before bedtime very active play. and wakes up because something bothers him maybe his teeth are coming out? or at night he eats something that bloats the stomach that you have for dinner?

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We are 1.8 years old. He sleeps in his own crib, but not always. All somehow in periods. At first she fell asleep in silence, but now she would only fall asleep with my arm in the background. Now it takes her a long time to fall asleep.

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We rock.

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My son with a right apercussion and my darling daughter with a short hook to the chin. They're out till morning!


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