Is it possible to start life in RF now from scratch i.e. without your own place or is it easier in Europe?

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Is it possible to start life in RF now from scratch i.e. without your own place or is it easier in Europe? and got a better answer

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You're a troll. Because only a fool having the opportunity to go to Germany would consider Russia as well?

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You are trolling. Because only a fool with the opportunity to go to Germany, would consider Russia as well.

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Absolutely to whomever. It all depends on profession, language skills, and personal preference. But California is still better:

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acquaintances, selling 3 bedroom apartments in Kazakhstan, bought the cheapest housing in Russia. Housing is the main thing and documents to work official

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Russia you can certainly start from scratch, as you say. After the collapse of the USSR, 25 million Russians found themselves abroad. Many came back and found their place in their homeland. Don't pay attention to stupid comments, there are plenty of Ukrainian trolls here.

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Forgive my curiosity, but who and how did you work and in Germany that then returned to Kazakhstan? And what makes you think that there are not many girls in Germany? There are more girls than boys.

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I wonder why? - Because all trolls live in 3 countries: Russia, Ukraine and Poland Starting from *zero* in Russia is beneficial for professionals - they have an opportunity to find a job where they are provided with housing For example, half of the narrow specialists of Bratsk are Azerbaijanis with higher medical education. Upon arrival, they are given apartments, which, it seems, are given to them after 1O years of service. At the same time they have a salary of fifty-seventy thousand, which is two or three times the average in the city It is advantageous to go young - after receiving a Russian v/o, or after serving in the army, you can get a decent job, make a career, if you want to get housing The elderly, and without education - in my opinion, it makes no sense to go. Or go, but without the expectation of a *sweet* life in Russia. You will live in rented housing, at best in your own house in the countryside. But in your old age you will have Russian social security and pension, which, by the way, are among the best in the world for non-labor pensioners. In the world it is not customary to pay pensions to those who have not worked, or worked little for the country's economy


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