Not getting fired at will, what to do?

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Not getting fired at will, what to do? and got a better answer

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Write a statement and go on sick leave!

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An application for voluntary resignation is written to the director and submitted to the director's secretariat, where it is registered as a number in the logbook or marked with a special stamp. The application is submitted in duplicate or in one copy, but with a copy removed after registration for the dismissed. Then the secretary forwards the application to the director for signature and only then to the OC. The day of registration of the application is considered the first day of the allotted time for work off If the leadership refuses to accept the application - you go to the post office and send a statement by registered mail with a list and acknowledgment of receipt. Receipt of receipt is the official document for possible litigation.

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Want or not, and have to work off - just in the application to put the date And if they stubbornly - you can and bang to the Prosecutor's Office - after working off and a copy of the statement should take off for themselves, and the original should be sent by registered mail to the director with notification

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The main thing that it was registered. If they refuse to do this too, you go straight to the labor commission.

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What kind of personnel officer are you, if you do not know the simple provisions, laws.

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The application for dismissal is written to the head and the head of the OC has nothing to do with it. Write a statement in 2 copies, warning 2 weeks in advance. Register it in the magazine incoming and submit it for signature to the head. One copy is with you. In two weeks, if you are not fired, with a complaint and a registered statement to the labor inspectorate and the prosecutor's office.


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