For a weekend in Peter. Where to go where to succumb if you’ve been everywhere and seen everything BUT in 2016

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For a weekend in Peter. Where to go where to succumb if you've been everywhere and seen everything BUT in 2016? and got a better answer

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I wouldn't look for something new, I'd visit places that are familiar to my heart. I'd walk along Nevsky Prospect and eat pancakes in a cafe. I would have visited a bookstore. I would have bought another picture from the series "The Cats of St. Petersburg" by the artist Rumyantsev to celebrate the trip. I would have walked to Palace Square, seen Rossi Street, the Hermitage, the Atlas, the columns, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Summer Garden, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Kazan Cathedral, and the Bronze Horseman. I would visit the Spit of Vasilievsky Island, wash my feet in the Neva. Look at the statues of the taming of horses, sphinxes, Chizhik-pigeon, rostral columns. I'd take a boat ride in the evening and watch the draw of the bridges. If I grabbed the morning off, I would go to Udelnaya, to the flea market. I would go to the Chapole store and buy a new hat. It's in the plans.

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The fashion went cultural events on the roofs, from a solid theater, a new stage and ending with restaurants and youth hangouts, Opera all now a festival is going, on the shore of the bay will be a festival in the park of 300 years, many hang out there Weekend will be a parade of ships that you want, New Holland visit - all in delight and again near there Yusupovsky Palace and House of Music - for photos interesting

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should visit the new part of the city, let's call it Lakhta center, St. Petersburg stadium and new metro stations Begovaya and Novokrestovskaya. That's not exactly all there was in 2016.

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Faberge Museum, on Fontanka, next to Nevsky.

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go to Nevsky

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I don't know how long it takes to see everything in St. Petersburg, probably half a lifetime.


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