Why is it that in Russia, if you’re not self-sufficient and can’t make money, you’re not destined to create a family

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Why is it that in Russia, if you're not self-sufficient and can't make money, you're not destined to create a family? and got a better answer

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They don't care, and they don't care if their kids survive. If 1 out of 5 survives and that's good?

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They just don't bother, and they don't care much if their kids survive. If one out of 5 survives, that's good.

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luck in Africa.

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You know the story about the man who found the white pig? Everyone in the village was surprised because everyone's pigs were black. The man decided to go with this curiosity to the emperor himself. On the way he met the townspeople who said, "What is so strange about your pig? Open your eyes; all our pigs are white. But he didn't want to look, he came to the emperor and was disgraced. It's the same in Africa: a hardworking guy is a treasure, but when he comes to Russia, there's a lot of them here. Or Japan: in Russia you work, get bonuses and are so conscientious, but in Japan it's the norm, everyone is like you.

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Russians clean dumpsters and work as managers in supermarkets.

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Because the payoff is too high.


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