Should I take an ATV as a means of getting around town?

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Should I take an ATV as a means of getting around town? and got a better answer

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I don't see any desperate guys riding ATVs around town. The most appropriate place for it is in the countryside to drive to the woods?

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I don't see any desperate guys riding ATVs in the city. The most suitable place for it is in the village to the woods.

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the quad is equal to a tractor in moscow on the mkad movement of such technics is forbidden and on many highways the same ban. the sense disappears

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So buy a quadricycle or a motorcycle.

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I got the impression you don't belong.

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Take what you want. But you need a special license to drive an ATV. There's also a difference between a quad and a quad.

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it's obvious you haven't raced on a quad. you'll be covered in mud if the weather's not dry and you need a different kind of license

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EQUIPMENT for bikes is not a minus but a plus. in it you can and to a store and on business meeting. for fans of ponts- also brutal and droopy as expensive - the cheapest - 30 000 rbl. to ride you can and in winter, i for example, already fifth winter ride.

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Well, go out into the street and look how many people ride quads around town! This will be the answer to your question. If you see at least one in a year, take an ATV.

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I certainly have not read that you there explained lazy to answer the question: NO. it is a special technique, although somewhere say and valenok as a woman used. and on sport motikes in the shop with his girlfriend crooked go. and the lowered technique with boards to the cottage and etc. beautiful and so. FASHION DOES ITS OWN BUSINESS.

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Get a car and don't sweat it. All the rest without a roof - a total crap will be dead weight in the garage and sell then the boys on the cheap.


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