У мужа суставы на ногах стали сильно болеть, но вроде как не артрит, непонятно.

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The joints in my husband's legs started to hurt a lot, but it's not like arthritis, I don't understand? and got a better answer

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Kick the shit out of him and go to the doctor with him. You can't do that to your health.

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Elementary spine effects

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Oh, it's a familiar situation. Until he is dying of pain, you can't drag him to the hospital, like little kids.

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you have to go to the doctor. it is not certain that it is a problem with the joints. but any prolonged process, you know, can go anywhere. obviously there is inflammation. and what is inflamed? kidneys? or prostate? or joints? and why. maybe the salts are deposited somewhere and should be taken urgently. and also just sometimes pinching in the sacrum and it gives in the legs men do not like to go to doctors. I for his first learn all the date, time, who to see and then lead like a child.

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I know a good ointment for joints, Salvisar, it helps. You can try it. It warms gently and relieves pain and tension. But you should see a doctor.

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First you have to see a therapist, then you have to rub even horse manure on it, get some elementary tests to rule out the worst diagnoses and then get wise. The concept - I do not want to go to the doctor is reasonable, from the services of the insurance policy nauseates. but the elementary blood tests, c-reactive protein, rheumoprobes, glucose, blood cholesterol, general urinalysis can be taken in a fee center and visit a rheumatologist. the husband you have one.

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How can you not understand that ointments are useless! How do you not understand that ointments do not penetrate beyond the upper layers of the skin. If your husband is a fool and a stubborn jackass, that's his problem and yours.

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Give him a turpentine bath. You can buy a bath emulsion called Skypar at the drugstore. It is useful for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and will relieve symptoms and pain


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