Appreciate the acrostic you just wrote?

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Appreciate the acrostic you just wrote? and got a better answer

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Evening appetite prevails As night falls, so does the comp, and I'm hungry For a woman I wish I could knock her up But where can I get one?

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Nighttime appetite prevails Like nighttime - so computer and munching And a broad I really miss A wife to knock up But where would she be?

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Let me tell you about my acrostic, too Life is impossible if you're not there Look around with your casual gaze A simple trifle - I live for you in love And you unwillingly breathe somewhere close by.

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I must say that the poetic skill of Anton Vladimirovich is much higher than that of the author of the question

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Akro-answer I won't find worthy words, The only impression is rubbish! Nonsense sounds to the ear nasty and I shout: - Don't waste the paper! Break the quill and grow geraniums! -

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How about this acrostic? There's an ocean of passion raging inside me. There's no escape from love from now on. Can't you see it's not deceit, It's the cry of a man in the desert?


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