U.S. Visa Is it easy to get a U.S. visa?

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U.S. Visa Is it easy to get a U.S. visa? and got a better answer

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As easy as buying a ticket to the moon?

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As easy as buying a ticket to the moon.

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Yes it is!

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Wait until 2019 There consul of the USA in the Russian Federation threatened to start competitions with our consulate who will give out more visas in 2019 And now there are no special difficulties line really is

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It's easy if you have strong ties to your home country - a stable job with a decent wage family well-established life here.

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Surely with a clean passport you can still get a tourist visa to the United States? Yeah sure, if your uncle is the Sultan of Brunei. Read the forum Vinsky - American visa, there are tens of thousands of applicants discussing this issue. And then everything will become clear to you at once. Good luck!

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Lots of certificates and no problem.

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Some people it's easy to some people it's hard to some people it's even impossible It all depends on the situation.

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they're tightening the pace of work right now.

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Wow that must be hard! Need to google find the answer.


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